2 Bore Jones Underlever Black Powder Cartridge Side by Side Rifle “The Double Deuce” Part 2

Day One of Production:


I cut the block of 3″x 4″ 8620 steel down to a workable size. 2 Pieces, one for the main Action Body and one for the Monoblock.

Then I laid out some references lines. All the actual measurements will be done on my machinery, but the reference lines give a set of rough points to work to. Layout is done by making a copy of the drawing and then scribing a line around the copy.

Then it was on to my Mill to start removing metal. I also cut a piece of 2″x 3″ 8620 for a single shot action that I will be machining at the same time. The Single shot isn’t for a customer but the set-up are the same for both I figured I’d go ahead and cut out the single while I was working on the Double Rifle.

After 11 hours of working time(cutting down to size, lay-out, machine set-up and machining), I’ve removed .500″ off the water table.


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