2 Bore Jones Underlever Black Powder Cartridge Side by Side Rifle “The Double Deuce” Part 1

2 Bore SxS “The Double Deuce”

Last June I took the 2 Bore Jones Underlever Black Powder Cartridge Rifle to the NMLRA Spring Shoot, along the way I stopped off at a customer’s house to pick up a 2 Bore Muzzleloader I had built. While I was there he had the opportunity to handle the cartridge rifle, and decided to order one. Somewhere along the way as we discussed his build he decided he would rather have a double rifle, so this is the beginning of the documentation of the project.

I will be documenting this build in pictures, text and some video’s. I don’t have a youtube account that allow me to post more than 15 minutes at a time, so the videos will be limited to filling in details that would be hard to explain in written form.

The Specifications of the build:

ACTION: pre-1898 Jones Underlever Break action Side by Side Double Rifle.

LOCKS: Back Action Dolphin shape with inertia pins interrupters and stalking safeties

Barrels: 29″ long, 1.310″ Bore, 1.326″ Groove, 1:48″ Twist

Chambered for S&H 2 Bore 3.5″ 700gr FFg Brass Cartridge

SIGHTS: Rear- NECG Multi-Leaf Express Sight

Front- Single blade by Stolzer and Sons

STOCK: Rock(Sugar) Maple, stained to customers specifications. English style Pancake Cheek piece.

This will be Left Handed Stock and Action with the Trigger being set up for a left handed Shooter.

CHECKERING: 20LPI Semi Flat-top

FINISH: Wood- Hand rubbed oil and wax finish

Metal – Color Case Hardened and Rust Blued.

This will have a Jeff Tanner Ball Mould and I will be building all the reloading tools for the S&H Cartridges.

That's a .50 Cal ball resting in the Muzzle

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