16 Bore Over/Under Howdah Pistol

I haven’t updated my bolg in quite a while but for good reason, until recently I have been building things similar to what I have already posted about, so no point in posting repeat information without having anything new to add. Now thankfully though I have a new project to present.

If you would like to see how it was put together please click on the video below.

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16 Bore Purdey Style SxS Muzzleloader – Part 3

I didn’t do a complete documentation of this build because it is a match for the 10 Bore L/H Maple Double Rifle I built last year. I fully documented that build in detail so I didn’t see a lot of reason to repeat all the same steps again.

Here are the final pictures.

I’m very happy with the way the regulation came out.

The pair together.


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Congratulations to the New Couple.

Welcome to the family Jenny.

Unavailable for parts of October

I will be away from my shop from October 6th -15th and from October 21st – 26th. I’ll try to check my emails during these times but will be unavailable for phone consultations.

My youngest son and his fiance are getting married the 24th of October.

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Justin and Jennifer


.62 Caliber Flintlock Hunting Rifle

For about 5 years now I’ve wanted to build this rifle, I’ve actually been working on it a little here and a little there for almost 3 years now. The Mechanic’s Car, the Shoemaker’s kids and the Gunsmith’s gun all seem to be the same story, you get so busy building for customers you can never find the time to build anything for your self. So I slowly put an hour or two at a time in on this thing for nearly 3 years to finally get the Flintlock hunting rifle I have envisioned for a while now.

I know when people look at this they are going to say how it isn’t historically or period correct but that is actually the point. I have owned several flintlock rifles and I think they are fine guns for rendezvous or re-enacting but they have never been my cup of tea when it comes to hunting. They are long barreled, full stocked, heavy and just not my taste in hunting rifles. The few Halfstock Flintlock rifles on the market didn’t interest me either, CVA, TC, Lyman all make a half stock flintlock but they are all patterned after a variation of the plains rifle, they all have untapered barrels, they all have underribs or at the very least pipes and a ramrod hanging under the barrel and none of them comes in a caliber bigger than .58. And they are mostly pretty heavy.

I wanted a rifle that feels, weighs, handles and generally looks like one of my modern cartridge rifles but is still legal to hunt anywhere in the U.S. during muzzleloading season.

Down to the details:
.62 Caliber Colerain Barrel Slow twist for Patched Roundball. 32″ long tapered.
R.E. Davis Lock
Pachmyer Decelerator Recoil Pad, I like steel buttplates but I plan to be shooting this for many years to come and I like recoil less and less these days.
The Trigger, Triggerguard and Grip Cap I made myself.
The stock is American Black Walnut with an ebony forearm cap.
The sights were just extras I had laying around from TOTW…single leaf rear and a silver blade front.
The stock is oil finished and waxed to give a nice matte(low sheen).
The metal is rust blued and also done to a matte finish.
I don’t like my hunting rifle to give off a lot of reflection.
To keep the weight down I didn’t add an underib or pipes and ramrod instead I made a multi-piece ramrod for my possibles bag.
Weight is 6 pounds 10 Ounces.

The Rifle:

The Target:

6″ x 6″ square the black circle is approx 2″ diameter
100 yards, offhand, un-supported
120grs FFG Goex
4Fg pan
.600 diameter 97% lead – 3% Antimony (325ish grains, I haven’t weighed one yet to see exactly)
.018″ Pillowticking Veg Lube

The one flyer was totally my fault I had a very slight hang fire and I didn’t hold through like I should have. I think with more load development I can probably tighten the group up a bit more but since Muzzleloader season starts here in about 3 weeks I may not have time to get back out and do the load work so for now I am satisfied enough to take it hunting white-tail.

Keep an eye out on my business website http://www.stolzergunsmithing.com in the next few days to view the options and pricing if you are interested in having a similar rifle built.

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16 Bore Purdey Style SxS Muzzleloader – Part 2

I meant to update this last weekend but ran out of time to get it done.

All the metal work is finished to the point of being ready to inlet into the wood.

The ribs and pipes are completely soldered on and mostly cleaned up.

Trigger plate, Triggers and Triggerguard all filed and fitted together. The Tang is fitted to the barrels as well.

Locks have been modified and fitted and every thing is ready to start inletting.

I’ve also polished up the buttplate and made the entry pipe, front sight and rear sling swivel but I didn’t get pictures of them.


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16 Bore Purdey Style SxS Muzzleloader – Part 1

This is the beginning of the next project, a 16 Bore(.669″) Purdey style caplock side by side muzzleloader. This project is going to be very similar to the 10 Bore double rifles that I built last year so I’m not going to be doing a lot of video with this build. I will be posting some update pictures as I go along though just to let everybody(especially my customer) know how things are progressing.

I Started by turning the barrel blanks down to a straight taper, then breeching them and then clamping them to a steel plate for soldering together.

I use silver brazing rod and flux to join the barrels for the first couple inches at the breech end.

Both sides of the valleys were fluxed and soldered.

A shot of the muzzles… .669″ bore.

I don’t run the barrels exactly parallel with the bore line, I actually like them to convert slightly, so that later on when it comes time to regulate them I can drive the wedge in and spread the barrels as needed. After some careful measuring I determined that parallel would leave a .215″ gap so I went .200″.

The next step is to make the top and bottom ribs, to machine the radius in the bottom rib I soldered it onto a piece of 1/2″ x 1″ bar stock so it would be easy to clamp in the mill and easy to clamp in my vise to clean up and fit the ramrod pipes to it.

As you can see it makes it very easy to machine this way.

That it for this update, I’m actually a little farther along but those pictures will have to wait for the next update.

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8 Bore Jones Underlever Black Powder Cartridge Rifle Part 2

I know it has been many months since I have update this build or my blog at all for that matter. I’ve had a few set backs with this project and ended up missing the delivery deadline. First real set-back was when my milling machine broke the main drive gear in the geared head unit. In any case the video below is the current state of the 8 Bore, basically all of the metal work is complete and it is ready to be inlet into wood. Since I missed the delivery deadline on this project and this was being built on a trade deal I had worked out, I simply returned the Trade rifle to the customer with compensation for delivery of his rifle to me and for the small amout of shooting I did with it while it was in my possession. Unfortunately that leaves this 8 Bore as a speculation build in my shop, so I’m going to set it on a back burner and work on it as time permits. I’ll be moving on to the next paying project shortly.

If anybody would like to buy up this 8 Bore project please email or call me to discuss it, my contact information can be found at the Stolzer Gunsmithing link below.

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8 Bore Jones Underlever Black Powder Cartridge Rifle Part 1

This week I am starting a new project, an 8 Bore Jones Underlever Single Shot Black Powder Cartridge Rifle. I’m not going to detail this build as well as I have others in the past because this build will be very similar mechanically to the other Jones Underlever builds I have documented previously. I will highlight a few parts of the build that will differ from the previous builds.

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10 Bore 1844 Purdey Style Caplock Double Rifles Part 22 – Finished Rifles

The last few weeks have been all about finishing these Rifles and doing the final sight in. This is the last post for these builds, I’ll be starting another documented project towards the end of October



Left Handed Maple Stocked

IMG_0003IMG_0006 IMG_0008 IMG_0012 IMG_0013 IMG_0015 IMG_0016 IMG_0019 IMG_0020 IMG_0021 IMG_0022 IMG_0023 IMG_0034 IMG_0038 IMG_0041 IMG_0043 IMG_0044

Right Handed Walnut Stock

IMG_0059 IMG_0061 IMG_0063 IMG_0064 IMG_0067 IMG_0068 IMG_0074 IMG_0076 IMG_0078 IMG_0081

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